About Us

The Money Mound was a project created out of necessity after many conversations with SEO clients struggling with the same issues. We’ve taken notes over the course of several years from discussion forums, clients, and even our own issues.

The Money Mound is meant to help condense many common questions related to website development, time-to-market for digital goods, creating affiliate websites, and even basic entrepreneurial considerations for wider distribution.

Who We Are

The Money Mound is a digital marketing agency. Our client work often involves detailed discussions of different types of marketing strategies and business concerns. The information found on this website is the result of our efforts to condense many of these conversations into a more widely-applicable format.

We realize that not all individuals are able to contract a professional agency to help guide their business’ marketing strategy. We felt that providing a free version of many of the methods and strategies we’ve found effective would be able to help many numbers of businesses.

As you browse the Money Mound website we urge you to remember that your business is unique and may need specific strategies beyond those discussed here. The content on the Money Mound website shouldn’t be interpreted as qualified business advice and is meant for educational purposes only.

Our Passion & Goal

Above all else, we love helping other entrepreneurial spirits learn the most effective path forward in their pursuit of goals. In most cases, doing business in the modern world means having a strong web and digital presence.

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with clients to help hammer out specific SEO and marketing strategies for their businesses. Over the course of these discussions, we’ve noticed many common questions, concerns, and approaches come up.

We believe that every business is unique but that all businesses can benefit from many of the same fundamental approaches. We wouldn’t recommend pursuing backlinks from local fishing tour companies for an eCommerce store specializing in men’s shoes—but we’d still recommend pursuing quality backlinks quality local sources.

The goal of the Money Mound is to create resources and online guides where many of these actions can be better distributed and better organized for everyone to benefit from them. You shouldn’t have to pay for advice and we’re happy to give it away.

Our Incentive to Create

Make no mistake; people rarely do things without a goal in mind and businesses do so even more rarely. The goal with the Money Mound is to help provide an easily digestible form of content to help answer many basic questions.

Rather than spending an hour or creating content for a specific client, we are able to spend many hours creating content relevant to all our clients. In this way, we are able to provide better resources for more people—hopefully having a more effective overall impact.

Financial Incentives

The Money Mound often discusses products and services that we’ve found useful in the pursuit of a better marketing strategy. These may be website hosting companies, email services, domain registrars, or even specialized software products such as rank trackers.

In some cases, we are able to earn a small commission from these products when one of our readers makes a purchase after clicking a link on our site or using one of our discount codes. For a more complete discussion of this, read our affiliate earnings disclosure.

We Thrive on Your Feedback

The Money Mound draws from our conversations with clients and entrepreneurs over the years. Without these invaluable conversations, we’d never have learned the expanse of many of the common issues for online businesses.

We make an effort to condense super common question into large, expansive articles. We also make an effort to create more specific discussions in the form of blog posts when we feel they may help benefit others as well. For every topic and concern we address, there will likely be 10 that we are unable to address. It’s just the nature of life. One can’t be everywhere or focused on everything at the same time.

If you find yourself facing an SEO problem, trying to better understand affiliate marketing, or just facing business concerns in general—don’t hesitate to contact us! This website wouldn’t be possible without the conversations we’ve had with businesses and websites owned and operated by people just like you. To help us better help others in the future please let us know the problems you’re facing today.