Managed WordPress hosting helps take the guesswork out of making your website fast, scalable, and secure. It puts things like content delivery networks (CDN), DDoS protection, caching, and automatic backups all under one roof. If you’re serious about your WordPress sites’ success there’s no reason not to choose a managed hosting solution.

Managed WordPress Hosting Comparision

There are companies like Hostgator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost that offer WordPress-specific options. These are bad choices. Companies like WP Engine, Flywheel, and Kinsta were built from the ground up to host lightening fast WordPress websites—and they do it incredibly well. Each of these companies offers a tremendous service and are all priced relatively close. Choosing the best-managed WordPress hosting provider from this list is just a matter of comparing features and choosing whichever best suits your websites’ needs.

 WP EngineWP EngineFlywheelKinstaPantheonPantheonPagely
Bandwidth50 GB50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited20 GB
Storage10 GB5 GB5 GB20 GB30 GB
PHP Workers10/300324n/a
ArchitectureGoogle + AmazonGoogle CloudGoogle CloudGoogle CloudAmazon Web Services
Daily Backups
Backup Retention60 Days30 Days14 Days30 Days14 Days
One-Click Restore
CDN Bandwidth1000 GB50 GB50 GBUnlimited150 GB
Staging Site
Free SSL
Free Migrations
Custom Caching
Dedicated IP
GIT Integration

Managed WordPress Hosting Reviews

The hosts listed in the table above are well-established and known to provide quality service. A web host is more than the culmination of checkmarks and storage ratings, however. Each of the above companies has strengths and weaknesses that make them better qualified for different users. Below you’ll closer looks at each of these WordPress hosting companies to help better decide which might be the best choice for your website.

WP Engine

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Website by MoneyMound

WP Engine features one-click restores, daily backups, and offers the largest backup retention of all managed WordPress hosts (60 unique backups.) They offer 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or tickets and have an international team of engineers that live and breath WordPress. Hosting your site with WP Engine also allows free access to the Genesis Framework and 35+ premium WordPress themes designed by StudioPress. WP Engine offers purpose-built solutions for small business, marketers, agencies and even enterprise-grade websites. With tools like New Relic, custom caching solutions, and separate environments for development, staging, and production—anyone can get excited about WP Engine’s managed WordPress solutions.

Pros: Genesis Framework + 35 Themes Included

Cons: PHP Workers allocated by cluster

Best Choice: Best option for small businesses, affiliate marketers, and startups


Flywheel WordPress Hosting Website by MoneyMound

Flywheel has built its brand around catering to small designers and small business owners. They have custom database management tools, easy to navigate custom control panels, and intuitive features that only bother you with the most critical of options. Flywheel sites come standard with customized caching solutions but also allow users to leverage popular WordPress caching plugins. Flywheel offers several accommodations for freelancers and web-design agencies like client billing, whitelabeling services, and custom software to help push local development sites to live servers.

Pros: Simplified user interface, local development software

Cons: Only 5GB Storage

Best Choice: Best option for freelance website developers, agencies, and smaller websites


Kinsta WordPress Hosting Website by MoneyMound

Kinsta offers an inbuilt security system that handles DDoS protection, firewalls, and even features like 2-factor authentication and single-sign-on services. As part of their uptime guarantee, Kinsta technology automatically checks your website every two minutes to ensure it’s never down. That’s 720 spot checks per day! Host your website with Kinsta and you’ll get one-click SSL certificates, one-click staging areas, a custom administrative panel, included CND services, and even advanced search capability that leverages the power of Elasticseach. Kinsta is a great choice for managed WordPress hosting whether your site serves thousands or millions of visitors each month—no shopping for a new host once your website begins to take off!

Pros: Uptime checks +

Cons: Only 5GB Storage

Best Choice: Best for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and medium-sized websites


Pantheon WordPress Hosting Website by MoneyMound

Pantheon is a performance-based solution that’s geared more towards the tech-savvy user and team. They offer collaborative tools for teams, seamless development tools, and a backend that’s built from the ground-up to scale. You can host a blog or a renowned WooCommerce store and still have your site load blazingly fast. Pantheon offers advanced search options, advanced site performance monitoring, and leverages a globally-distributed CDN network. Pantheon stands out among managed WordPress hosting providers as the best solution for more complex sites and those with high-performance demands. Pantheon’s cloud-based architecture allows your website to deal with huge traffic spikes with ease. Forget the sluggishness of shared hosting!

Pros: Optional Apache Solr integration, Team Collaboration tools, Customized file system

Cons: Slightly more expensive

Best Choice: Best option for sites with complex development needs and high-performance demands


Pagely WordPress Hosting Website by MoneyMound

Pagely has built a custom WordPress hosting solution to offer performance and scalability from the ground up. They leverage the power of Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Computing Technology to ensure every website they host is performant. They deploy technology such as PressDNS, PressCDN, PressCache, and even a thumbnail-resizing service (PressThumb) to help your websites outperform your competition. Pagely’s introductory hosting packages are pricier than the other companies listed here, but they allow up to 5 WordPress websites. On a per-site basis, Pagely’s pricing is comparable to the other companies listed here. Definitely worth your time if you have several websites to host and don’t want to deal with multiple hosts.

Pros: Unlimited visitors, 30GB storage, Multi-Site

Cons: Single site plans not available

Best Choice: Best choice for large sites with high traffic demands

Pricing & Features

Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive because it includes a lot of premium features. Before you get sticker shock, consider this: if your website becomes successful you’ll need many features such as DDoS protection, a reliable content delivery network, and maybe even features like a staging site to ensure your sites’ user experience is disrupted during major changes. If your website isn’t hosted with a managed solution, you’ll be paying for these by yourself. Consider some of the average costs associated with these types of services:

Premium DNS (site uptime assurance): Namecheap—$10/yr

Content Delivery Network (CDN): Cloudflare Basic—Free vs. Cloudflare Pro—$20/mo.

Backups + Staging Sites: Blogvault Basic—$7/mo.

Uptime Monitoring: Pingdom—$12/mo.

Little of Everything: Stackpath—$20/mo

As you can see, the services that are included with all the managed hosting solutions are added expenses for non-managed solutions. Even when you come out a few bucks cheaper per month you’re stuck with one more moving part to manage. That means when your website’s CDN does something weird you’ll be juggling two support tickets—one with your host and one with your CDN provider. If your website has several different services it’s likely each support team will point the finger somewhere else initially—a common occurrence—and cost you valuable time. Having everything under one roof is a huge advantage.

Final Thoughts

Managed WordPress hosting isn’t just for people without on-staff technical team members. Manage hosting companies specialize in offering services that make running any WordPress website better. Hosts like Pantheon cater to high-tech demands like GIT integration, collaborative editing, and flexible scaling. All the hosts listed here to leverage the power of cloud-based technology from either Google, Amazon, or both. This helps assure that your WordPress website is running on the latest and greatest technology that powers the rest of the web. In all honesty, any company on this list will be a good choice—it’s just that some are better suited for different workflows.

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